The Switch of choice

apace is a secure, online, realtime electronic transaction switch customisable for any need

Industry and Type Agnostic

Capable of switching any type of transaction with any processing mechanism, be it converting between data formats on-the-fly, interfacing in realtime, batching data or offline processing, the switch is fully rules driven making it highly customisable

Medical Transaction Switching

The common medical transaction types for claims, member validation and benefit checks and authorisations, are all supported by the switch and will help get medical providers connected to backend funders with ease

Fast and Lightweight

The apace switch is designed to be as fast, secure and lightweight as possible, specifically to minimise overhead no matter what the transaction type being handled

Open Standards

apace is all about open standards, so wherever possible open standards and formats are used thereby ensuring no vendor lock-in and also promoting a more collaborative environment

Easy to integrate with

The apace switch is easy to integrate with and can work with almost any format and connectivity mechanism. It will also implicitly convert whatever your incoming format is to whatever the destination system expects

What is apace?


Apace Systems (Pty) Ltd is a majority management-owned and completely independent transaction enabler and switch with a cumulative total of 72 years of industry experience. Our primary focus started with medical transaction switching. However, this knowledge and its applicability has been expanded enabling us to switch transactions for any industry and need.

Our Goal

Apace Systems set out to create an independent switch that is fast, secure, open and easy to use, and that could be used throughout anywhere in the world with no country-specific restrictions while abiding by each country's local regulations and requirements. Best practices were adhered to from the start, which makes the system flexible to each client's needs and the requirements of their country or regulatory body.

What we offer

The apace switch is a type-agnostic switch that can handle data across any industry and format. It provides multiple connectivity options and abides by the highest forms of security. Built as a completely pluggable interface it can enable specific features as and when required. Transactions can be processed in realtime, as batch or as a hybrid where transactions are received as batch, but passed to the backend as realtime.

Where we are and where we will be soon

Map of where we are South Africa Mauritius Namibia Zimbabwe Mozambique Malawi Zambia Botswana Lesotho Swaziland Kenya Uganda Tanzania

What Services We Provide

These are just a few of the services we can provide.

Claims switch

Submit your claims electronically and in realtime, and get an answer back in realtime

Member verification

Check if a member is a valid member and even get their current details

Member benefit check

See what the member's current benefits are so you know where to claim for them or ask them to pay cash


Request an authorisation electronically and have it sent directly to the medical funder for processing

Working Within Regulatory Policies

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